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Sichuan pepper

Fresh Chinese prickly ash

Fresh Chinese prickly ash
Fresh Chinese prickly ash

Chinese prickly ash, also called Szechuan pepper or Sichuan pepper, it's a very popular food seasoning



Fresh Chinese prickly ash


1.High quality 
2.Reasonable price 
3.Delivery on time 
4.Bulk quantity

Shipping: Truck (Ctns) ----- Domestic, USA 

                    FCL 20'/40’ HQ --------- Overseas, Base Ports, USA

Place of Origin:  Shandong Province, China

Color: Green

Size & Style: MCH019

Moisture: <12%

ASH: <8%

Packing: Bulk    All kinds of Bulk Packing required by customer.

Retail: 1 Lb/poly bag


We(Weifang Manna Foods Co.,Ltd) are the leading supplier of spices and seasoning products in our country. Such as pepper,coriander seeds,cumin,chinese prickly ash and nutmeg.We have own production centre, where we can do various inspections to ensure the best quality. Our products including pericarpium zanthoxyli,Chili,Pepper and anise are directly purchased from Production center which Shorten the procurement process, greatly saving the cost.We are credible with more than 30 years rich purchasing and export experience.Theproducts mainly exported toJapan,Europe,South Korea,Southeast Asia and other countries.