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Ground black pepper

Ground black pepper
Ground black pepper

Ground black pepper is a very common food seasoning used in cooking



Ground black pepper: 

1.Color: black. 
2.Moisture: 8% max 
3.Size: 40-60mesh

Ground black pepper

1.Color: black.

2.Moisture: 11% max.
3.Size: 40-60mesh or according to your requirements.
4.Total plate count: <100,000 cfu/g.
5.Yeast and Mould: <1000 cfu/g.
6.Coliform:  <1000 cfu/g.
7.Impurity : 100% purified powder .


We(Weifang Manna Foods Co.,Ltd) is the main supplier of spice and various chili products. Our main products are dried chili, Chili powder, Chili crushed, Chili slice, Chili ring/circle and Chili segments; Black pepper granular, Black pepper crushed and Black pepper powder; White pepper granular, White pepper powder and White pepper crushed;Clove and Clove powder; Coriander seeds and Coriander seeds powder; Nutmeg seeds and Nutmeg powder; Celery seeds and Celery seeds powder; Cumin and Cumin powder; Dehydrated ginger flake and Dehydrated ginger powder; Star aniseed and Star aniseed powder; The products mainly exported to Japan,Europe,South Korea,Southeast Asia and other countries.We are credible with more than 30 years rich purchasing and export experience.