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Black pepper

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Dried black pepper
Black pepper is a spice that has the potential to make food more beneficial when used in various recipes and as a table spice.
Black pepper corn
Black pepper corn is one of the main categories of our products have been exported to Japan. We also offer black pepper Powder,whole black pepper , crushed black pepper and so on different forms.
Black Pepper 550 g/l
Black pepper essential oil containing 1 to 3% essential oils to make pepper aroma, spicy mainly by oleoresins, ingredients ︰ piperine (C17H19NO3), good flavor base (C17H19NO3), piperidine [(CH2) 5NH] and pepper Pavilion (C19H21O3N), etc. Manna food can supply all kind of black pepper.
Black pepper
Black pepper (scientific name: Piper nigrum), aka Kurokawa, is a flowering branch pepper vine, its fruit is usually dried and used as the spice and seasonings used.
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