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Chinese Prickly Ash

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Sichuan Pepper
Sichuan pepper variety, the main varieties are: the right way pepper aka
pure Chinese Prickly Ash
We can supply all kinds of Chines prickly ash with best quality, competitive price and prompt shipment for you.
Dried Chinese prickly ash
Chinese prickly ash, Pepper, Food seasoning
wild pepper
Wild pepper we offered is produced in Shaanxi, origin direct supply, large particles full color. Welcome to send us inquiry.
Chinese Prickly Ash
Chinese Prickly Ash we are planting base purchase, the product is dried naturally, maintaining the original characteristics of Chinese Prickly Ash. Welcome to give us inquiry!
Chinese Red Pepper
Chinese Red Pepper, red pepper skin appearance tally color, dried black. There Tortoise, the top cracking
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