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Chili pepper

whole Chili Pepper

whole Chili Pepper
whole Chili Pepper

Chili pepper is widely used in everyday recipes as spice. If we grow one or two plants at home, cooking could be very easy when you just pick up some chili peppers at home.



Whole chili pepepr

1.Raw Material:2014 new chilli 
3.Color value:50-150ASTA 

Whole chili pepper

 Product Details:

1. Size:60-120 mesh or as per customer’s specification

2. Moisture <10%

3.2014 Crop materials,No aflatoxin, No Sudan 1,2,3&4;,No heavy metal,no pesticide

4.Quality Grade: Grade A bright red colour accept by Eu, USA and Japanese markets.  Grade B paprika powder accepted by Other areas. 

5.Aroma and Taste: Mild and slightly fragrant.

6.Packaging: 25 kgs/kraft bags lined with poly bags, 2.5kg X 4 in 10kg carton box, or as ur request.

7.120,140,160, 180, 200,220 ASTA


 Weifang Manna Foods Co.,Ltd is a Private limited liability company which engaged in Professional spices processing and marketing, our products involves various chilli products(chilli powder,crushed chilli, chilli circle and pepper wire etc),Chinese prickly ash(Chinese prickly ash particles,zanthoxylum powder),black pepper products(black pepper particles,cracked pepper,black pepper powder, salt and pepper).The products mainly exported to Japan,Europe,South Korea,Southeast Asia and other countries.Our tenet is "We do not seek to maximize the scale, just the most professional, most of the fine".Our philosophy is:Customers repuirements are always our goals that pursue unceasingly.