Asian Chicken with Serrano Peanut Butter Sauce
We've infused a popular Asian dish with serrano peppers. The result is a sweet tasting meal sure to satisfy the spice-craving palate.
How to cook with deied chili pepper
Depending on the type of pepper and method of preparation, dried chilies can give anything from a mild burst of smoky goodness to a sinus-clearing jol...
Spicy Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe
This is a very spicy recipe that will last you quite a while if you properly bottle or jar it. Cool before serving, or serve at room temperature. As f...
Chicken Chili you would love
Chipotle peppers bring an outstanding smoky flavor to whatever dish you include them in, but for chili, they're a Godsend. Chili is one of those dishe...
Pepepr and Pork
This pepper pork is not a goodlooking dish. However, It's a sign of "earthy dish" in every household in Hunan province. In fact not in Hunan, peopl...
How to make Chilli Con Queso
Chilli con Queso is a very popular chilli recipe, and perfect for Sunday gatherings.
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