Tilapia with Cayenne Peppers Over  Spicy Noodles and Kidney Beans
You'll like this one with a cayenne kick! We used egg noodles for this dish, but it would be fun with spiral noodles or maybe even rigatoni.
Preserving Chili Peppers In Olive Oil
Olive oil is a wonderful choice when you want to preserve chili pepper for a longer time. First, Clean your peppers thoroughly and dry. Roast the pepp...
Baked Ziti with Shrimp and Roasted Anaheim Peppers
Roasted Anaheim peppers bring a sweet flavor to the homemade sauce, but don’t be afraid to be generous with the fresh basil. You’ll love the combinati...
Seared Serrano and Jalapeno Corn Salsa
If you would like try some new favor, it's maybe a good choice. This is not necessarily your traditional salsa, and it works great as both a salsa or ...
How to grow Cayenne pepper?
Cayenne peppers are a popular chili pepper used to spice food in Mexico and the US. Otherwise known as "capsicum annuum," this thin red pepper can be ...
Flaming Corn Salsa
This is one of our very favorite salsas. We experimented with several roasted pepper combinations, and found the fusion of fresh corn (taken right fro...
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