Why we enjoy hot chilies?
The sensation of spiciness is the result of the activation of pain receptors in the tongue. According to psychologist Paul Rozin of the University of ...
Habanero Turkey Burgers Recipe
The Habanero Pepper is the hottest chile pepper in this Pure Ground. Pepper connoisseurs the world over consider it to be the most flavorful and aroma...
Health Benefits of Crushed Red Pepper
Most crushed red pepper mixtures contain a variety of different peppers such as bell, jalapeno, ancho and cayenne peppers, which range from mild and p...
Jalapeno Downtown Chicken
Although small in size at just 2 to 4 inches long, the jalapeno pepper packs a nutritional punch, with notable amounts of two important vitamins. Jala...
Chili Powder Chicken and Veggies
This recipe comes from canned food and very suitable for the busy and lazy guys. Because this quick lunch recipe can be made almost entirely from can...
What are the benefits of eating chilies?
Studies have shown that the active ingredient in chili peppers does cause our metabolism to increase to the tune of about eight percent. The bad news...
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