The secret to make great chili?
Chili is the kind of dish that gets its magic from a blending of many complex flavors. There are a few constants as Phoebe mentioned - tomato, cumin, ...
Classic Chiles Rellenos Recipe
This traditional chiles rellenos recipe is a classic and also a must if you're a chili pepper lover. Translated, "chiles rellenos" is "stuffed chili ...
Do you know hottest chili pepper?
When food or chemical companies are calculating what the hottest pepper is, we work with the most consistently highest average heat.
Cod with Kaleidoscope-Jalapeno Vinaigrette recipe
We served ours here over seared cod. In that case, the tangy vinaigrette join the combination of kaleidoscope and jalapeno peppers for a visual compl...
Desserts with chili peppers and chocolate
Ground dried red chili pepper and ancho chili powder can be added to both brownie recipes and cake frosting for easy go-to desserts.
How to fry cabbage with chili pepper
Just prepare some Cabbage, hot pepper, garlic ( with a few slices of pork taste better), you can creat a nice dish for dinner.
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